Try out the Zuli app

Waiting for your Zuli Smartplugs in the mail? Download the Zuli app and get a tour. If you have a Nest Thermostat — you can add it to Zuli app, even if you don’t have any Zuli Smartplugs set up.

Android app coming soon


Zuli Presence
When your home has Zuli Presence, any room with a Smartplug will know if you’re there or not.
*Requires three or more Zuli Smartplugs.
Adjust every light like it has a dimmer, even when it doesn't.
Tap on, tap off. Stay comfortable while controlling lights and appliances from the Zuli app.
See your energy at a glance — a smarter home means smarter choices.
Create schedules for your lights and appliances, and never think about them again.
Works with Nest
Add a Nest Thermostat to your Zuli app and experience a new level of integration between your devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard 120V North American outlet.
  • Internet access for setup.
  • Acceptance of the Terms of Service.
  • Zuli App available for free on the App StoreSM
  • iPhone®4s or later and iOS 7.1 or later.
  • Zuli Presence™ requires a minimum of 3 Zuli Smartplugs.
Smartplug Dimensions
L 70mm x W 41mm x H 37mm
  • Input: 120V / 60Hz / 15A
  • Output: 120V / 60Hz / Resistive 1800W / Incandescent 600W / Electronic Ballast 240W
  • Dimming Output: 120V / 60Hz / 2A / 240W
  • Works with Bluetooth® Smart
  • Indoor dry location use only
92g per Smartplug


Tom Goodwin @tomfgoodwin

Unboxing and seamlessly and quickly installing my @ZuliHome smart plugs made me feel for the first time that smart homes can work today.

Apple World Today @AppleWorldToday

The iOS app is one of the best I've seen so far for a home automation product, and setup was the easiest and fastest I’ve run through.

John Dean @jdean1

I have five Zuli devices set up in my home. They work flawlessly. Good work guys. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Earth911 @Earth911

Definitely more than a catchy name and sexy design, Zuli gives you the data on your home's energy use and best of all, the means to easily reduce it.

John Caron @jcaron2

Love the presentation of @ZuliHome plugs. Very Apple-esque. And they're fun to use!

Stacey Higginbotham @fortune

This startup's connected outlets can make your smart home even smarter

Make Use Of @MakeUseOf

The Zuli is small, fits over a single outlet, and just needs to be plugged in: no electrical expertise required. It doesn’t get much simpler.

Robert Anthony @robertanthonyra

Thanks @ZuliHome! I'm loving the #SmartOutlet

Erik Dasque @edasque

Impressed by the @ZuliHome thus far. Easy to setup, looks good. Looking fwd to the API. Would love to graph energy usage over time.

Apple World Today @AppleWorldToday

Once again, the Zuli team has done a bang-up job of making the schedule setup process easy and fast.

Mike Gerholdt @MikeGerholdt

OMG. Loving my new @ZuliHome smart plugs!

Kyle VanHemert @MikeGerholdt

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Marcia Pugsley Facebook

My Zuli plugs arrived today. The set-up was so easy, they work perfectly and I'm not a techno wiz. I so appreciate good design and function. Go Zuli team!!!

Evon Sahaleh LinkedIn

Zuli Smartplugs have been a complete game changer in our household, would highly recommend investing in these!

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